How to blow a bubble with a bubble gum

How to blow a bubble with bubblegum

Det här är min uppsats/presentation till Engelska B som jag ska visa nästa vecka för klassen! Ni lär er i den här engelska guiden hur man blåser den bästaste bästa bubblan med ett bubblegum! Enjoy ;)

Blowing bubbles with bubblegum is a favorite pastime for kids. Some people can stick any type of gum in their mouth and produce huge bubbles. But the best gum to blow bubbles with is, of course, bubble gum. Part of the fun of chewing any type of gum is blowing bubbles. Follow these steps to become a champion bubble blower.

1. Buy some bubblegum. There are many flavors, like strawberry, apple, melon, lime and many more. Choose the flavor you think you’re going to enjoy the best.

2. Put a piece of gum into your mouth and begin to chew it. Four or five minutes of chewing it should be nice. The bubble gum has to be soft and stretchy.

3. Use your tongue to roll it into a ball and then flatten it against the back of your teeth. Stretch your gum out to form a thin layer.

4. Push your tongue through the circle of the bubble gum. Be gentle, pushing too hard or too quickly might make a hole.

5. Suck in your cheeks and blow gently out toward the layer of gum between your top and bottom front teeth. As you exhale, your lips should gradually come closer together.

6. Stop blowing air when your bubble has reached your desired size. Blowing too much air into your bubble will cause it to pop.

7. Inhale quickly in order to suck your bubble back into your mouth before it pops. As you draw your bubble back into your mouth, the bubble may make a popping or snapping noise.

8. Return your gum to your mouth and prepare to start all over!


Don’t wait too long. After a long time, perhaps half an hour, the bubblegum will deteriorate, and won’t work as well.

Other types of gum can be used to make bubbles but they won't be as big and they'll usually pop too easily, reducing the fun.

Many people make the mistake of blowing just out of their lips rather than using breath from deeper within. Be sure to put more energy into it.

Choose a sugar-free gum because the less sugar in the gum, the stronger will the bubble be.

Try to chew more than one piece of gum so you can make a bigger bubble.

Don’t add water or ice to your mouth. This will make the gum harder and not so easy to blow.

Thanks for reading! ;) Hope you enjoyed it!

Postat av: Arvidsson


men tuggummi är gott :)

kan du ställa en fråga i min frågestund som pågår nu???

jag skulle bli superglad, kram! :)

2011-10-06 @ 18:08:52
Postat av: Cindy ▲

Hej, hej ! :)

Jag undrar om du skulle kunna rösta på mitt bidrag:

det är bara att skriv att du röstar på nr 2! Det skulle uppskattat väldigt mycket, tack! :)


2011-10-06 @ 18:54:41
Postat av: Lovisa

Haha vilken rolig uppgift :) Själv ska jag i engelskan skriva om "Mt perfect dinner party" och presentera 6 valfria kändisar och sedan berätta vad vi ska göra och äta under kvällen ;)

2011-10-06 @ 21:34:09

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